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Over the decades, technology has allowed us to have closer contact with the people we care about.

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We had this concept, as pet owners ourselves, that we could use technology to improve pets’ lives and really enable a smarter era of pet care where we wouldn’t be flying blind to things like losing our pets or keeping them active and healthy throughout the day.

Why Pet Tech?

Technology allows us to give pets a voice and connect with our pets in a new, and maybe even more meaningful way.


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Dog and owner approved training collar!! Doesn't exactly look like a shock collar either which is a plus. I tested the shock part on myself. I can just start to feel it on 10 using the silicone caps. Doesn't hurt. Felt like a very small static shock. My dog notices it on 15. 

The collars(receivers) are a little big compared to others used in the past, but to me they almost look like bow ties. Once you get the hang of the buttons, it’s pretty easy to switch through collars and type of corrections. I also love that the remote has a lock. These were very easy to set up.

I was DEFINITELY one of those people against “shock collars” but I will say that I’ve completely changed my view on that. I tested out the collar on my thigh before I put it on my dog. I could faintly feel it, and then finally settled on the 20 since i thought it was enough to get his attention.I can not say enough good things about this product!

After that, all we've needed is to do is beep him and he comes to sit down. This collar has been a great training tool and I highly recommend it! I wish we'd had one for our last beagle...who ate EVERYTHING!

My 97 lb Dobie, Kowai, was doing some serious damage to my house including but not limited to ripping the window frames off the back of my house, Once I started reading up and realized that there was the beep and vibrate option, I was fully on board. In a week of use our lives were changed. By 2 weeks, I can finally keep him in my office with me while I work from home, like I’ve been trying to do for the last year. We’re all better for having gotten this collar.