The Best Elevated Pet Bed on the Market in 2020

Looking for the best-elevated pet beds wasn't easy; there are hundreds or thousands of elevated pet beds on the market.

In this article, let us review some of the features and benefits of using DogCare Elevated Pet Bed in your home. 

DogCare Elevated Pet Bed V.S Cooling Pads

Cooling pads/mats stimulate cooling by using chemical-based gels or water/ice fillers. On the other hand, DogCare Elevated Pet Bed provides passive cooling through better air circulation and clearance from the ground.

Therefore, although pet cooling pads are excellent in providing quick relief for pets, DogCare elevated pet bed is more suitable for long periods of comfort. If you want a more substantial cooling effect, you can always use a portable fan to increase air circulation.

How Is DogCare Elevated Pet Bed Useful?

DogCare Elevated Pet Bed Keeps Dogs/Cats Cool

In the hot summer-high temperature, this is not the dog's favorite time of the year, especially for those older dogs or suffering from arthritis and other diseases. Dogs do not sweat like humans (dogs sweat from the nose and soles) but rely on panting to control body temperature.

Sufficient heat regulation and overheating can cause serious health problems and even lead to severe heatstroke and death. Dog breeds with flat noses, such as pugs, bulldogs, and bulldogs, and furry dog ​​breeds (such as husky), are more prone to heat-related problems. Breed-specific characteristics, weight, and extremely high heat and humidity can also affect this breathing ability.

Therefore, it is essential to keep the dog cool even without physical exercise.

DogCare Elevated Pet Bed can help in these situations. They help keep dogs fresh in summer, but they also help ensure better temperature regulation throughout the year, including winter.

In our design, elevated dog beds are not much different from cribs, and our beds are made of breathable fabric covers that are mounted on high metal. The frames of these beds can be fixed or folded. Fixed-frame dog beds are best for home use, while foldable elevated dog beds are ideal for travel and outdoor travel (such as beach travel and camping). DogCare elevated pet beds can provide active-passive cooling for pets (or keep warm in winter). The elevation of the floor and mesh crib provides additional air circulation to regulate body temperature. It also helps to minimize heat exchange with the ground. DogCare elevated pet bed helps to regulate body temperature throughout the year better. In summer, they can provide better ventilation and air circulation, while in winter, they can clear the gaps from the cold ground. 

DogCare Elevated Pet Beds Reduce Cat/Dogs Pressure on Hips and Joints

Most of the dogs have been sleeping on the hard floor ground ever since they were born, for dog/cats who are elderly or suffering from joint conditions like arthritis, hard ground can further inflame sore joints in the hips, knees, and ankles (called hock joints). Moving up and down the floor puts more pressure on these joints and causes more pain.

DogCare Elevated Pet Bed Are the Most Chew-Proof Type of Dog Beds

We don't have a soft foam padding and have a high-denier, chewy surface mounted on solid metal, or PVC frame-this arrangement is not very attractive to tempting pets.

DogCare Elevated Pet Bed Are Easy to Clean and Maintain

Our beds are made of sturdy, durable material that can wipe the cot with a wet cloth. For more thorough cleaning, you can simply use a water spray or soap—making it easier to clean than traditional beds that need the hot water cycle in the washing machine. If used indoors, DogCare elevated pet beds are more accessible to vacuumed around with vacuumed cleaner or robot vacuum filter because of their clearance from the ground. Moreover, the dog (or cat) eternally shedding by the pet tends to fall through and vacuum easily.

DoCare Elevated Pet Bed Are Light

Our beds are incredibly light and can easily be picked up with one hand. 

DogCare L-Shape Anti-Rollover Elevated Pet Bed

DogCare Elevated Pet Bed anti-rollover the most durable pet bed on the market and its' unique design L shape steel frame previse rollover accidents caused by large size dogs falling from or being mistakenly knocked off.

DogCare Elevated Pet Bed Keep Dog/Cats Dry 

DogCare Elevated Pet Bed work exceptionally well for outdoor excursions such as beach trips and camping. Clearance from the ground helps your dog/cats to stay off the wet, sand, and dirty soil surface.

As can be seen from the discussion above, DogCare Elevated Pet Bed is light, easy to clean, chew-proof, and excellent for keeping dogs fresh (or roasted) indoors, outdoors, or on short trips such as beach trips and camping.