Heated Cat Bed by CatCare


A heated cat bed is a product your cat definitely needs in their life. It brings together the comfort of a normal cat bed with the warmth of a sunbeam. 

In the past, I have used a heating pad for my kitties. However, the best choice is the Heated Cat Bed by Cat Care! Each of my cats spends time in the heated bed during the day and loves it!


Heated Cat Bed by Cat Care for Your Indoor Kitty!

When I was approached to try out the Heated Cat Bed, I instantly said yes. I know my cats and their love of warmth. My only concern was the quality of the bed and durability since I have so many kitties.

Heated Cat Bed by Cat Care for Your Indoor Kitty!

I chose to put the Heated Cat Bed in my entertainment center as it fits perfectly. I wanted it off the floor, but still super accessible to my cats. Plus, the wall plugin is right next to it so easy to the plugin. It also is an enclosed space, which gives my cats the privacy and security they prefer!

I love that the plugin is very discreet and concealed from my cats. Many times a plugin ends up being in the space of the cat bed and that is not desirable. Plus, I don’t have to worry about my cats playing with the cord since it exits out the back in its own space.

Heated Cat Bed by Cat Care for Your Indoor Kitty!

The bed works with infrared heating technology, which means it transfers heat from the bed to your cat. It is also the optimal temperature for your kitty, 82-89 degrees. 

My cats haven’t needed the bed cleaned yet, but when it comes a time it is washable, so thank goodness for that! I really can’t recommend this product enough. You can snag it in grey or blue for a great price!

Disclosure: Post Sponsored. Compensation in the form of the product was received. All opinions are honest and that of My 3 Little Kittens.